I’m an instructional designer, freelance writer, and blogger with over 20 years of experience in content writing and online content strategy. I’ve worked for major corporations and own and manage two blog sites.

As a passionate blogger and content creator, I have honed my writing, research, and SEO skills. My blogs, Irresistible Pets, and Irresistible Icing, have given me experience managing and producing content on WordPress. I also served as the Director of Community Education for BlogPaws, a pet influencer network. In that role, I worked closely with the editor to align the content strategy across the blog and courses. This background has equipped me with a solid foundation for creating content that resonates with readers.

In addition to my blogging experience, I bring over 20 years of expertise as an instructional designer, having worked across multiple industries. This has made me adept at adapting to various types of content and transforming complex information into clear, engaging, and accessible learning material. My ability to break down any topic into enjoyable and informative content has been a key part of my success and why clients love working with me. Here is a summary of some of my published work: