Welcome to my instructional design portfolio!

Hi! My name is Aimee. Over twenty years ago, I was a college student working full-time as a travel agent. I applied for a marketing and sales communication liaison position with a well-known travel company. In the interview, they asked if I knew how to use Excel, and I said, “Of course!” Little did they know I had hardly any experience with Excel at that time. So, I did what everybody in the early 2000s did: I went to the bookstore and bought “Excel for Dummies.” I stayed up all night learning everything I could and produced the requested project, aced the rest of my interview, and got hired!

Shortly after starting, the learning and development manager took me under her wing and recruited me onto her team. I was hired specifically to implement the company’s first LMS and elearning courses. Not knowing anything about either, I learned as I went – which seems to be a major theme in my story.  I fell in love with instructional design and learning theories. The rest is history.

Between then and now, I worked for a couple of different companies, one of which I was also hired for a brand new role—Director of Community Education. I heard loud and clear from the universe that I’m destined to be a learning and development pioneer. Well, yeah, haw y’all.

While I loved L&D, I realized I didn’t love working for a company. Instead, my sweet spot is freelancing and consulting. That gives me the freedom to do what I love, pay the bills, and be there for my kids and Chihuahua.

I could use a lot of jargon and big corporate words to impress you, but honestly, that’s usually just fluff that nobody cares about. I’d rather show you and explain what I’ve been up to all these years.

BlogPaws Social Learning Community

I spearheaded the creation of the BlogPaws Social Learning Community (SLC) while serving as the Director of Community Education. Tasked with leading the initiative to launch the SLC for pet industry professionals and influencers, I collaborated closely with internal teams, community members, and an external developer to bring the vision to life. In the fall of 2016, our collective efforts culminated in successfully launching the current SLC, powered by WordPress and LearnDash. This dynamic platform empowers members to engage in private community interactions, access tailored courses, and actively participate in group discussions and forums, fostering a vibrant and collaborative learning environment.


Irresistible YOUniversity

As the founder and visionary of Irresistible YOUniversity, this is truly my baby and my passion. I’ve built a vibrant community dedicated to empowering women to improve their body image and boost their confidence. My podcast is the gateway for women to join this supportive tribe. At the heart of it all is Irresistible You, not just a course but a flagship program that includes personalized and group coaching sessions alongside transformative curriculum content. Through the Irresistible You podcast and our engaged community, I’m dedicated to guiding women around the world on a journey of lasting empowerment and self-love, helping them create the lives they crave and deserve.



World Travel Holdings University – Training & Certification Program

I spearheaded the development of World Travel Holding’s inaugural Learning Management System (LMS), LearnerWeb, alongside the creation of its pioneering training and certification program. At WTH University, I orchestrated the certification of over 400 travel agents, delivering 15,000+ hours of blended training encompassing eLearning courses, onsite instructor-led sessions, and virtual webinars. Additionally, I managed the successful implementation of 400+ employee familiarization travel programs, solidifying WTH’s commitment to continuous learning and professional development.



Customer Service Soft Skills Training

This initiative marked a transformative redesign of the client’s onboarding training program, aiming to align it more closely with their brand identity. The previous training lacked distinctive branding and relied heavily on generic assets, with a considerable portion necessitating direct trainer facilitation. The client’s objectives were to infuse modern and fresh visuals, elevate the trainer’s role by transitioning from lecture-based to experiential learning, and introduce a suite of soft skills courses encompassing topics like Customer Empathy, Building Rapport, Active Listening, and more.

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Healthcare Device Training

I designed a course tailored for laboratory technicians in the healthcare diagnostics sector. This specialized training was centered on the effective use of diagnostic tools for identifying Legionella and Streptococcus Pneumoniae infections, enhancing their proficiency and accuracy in diagnostic procedures.

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Freelance Copywriting and Blogging

I’m an experienced content writer with a diverse background in crafting engaging and impactful content across various industries. Here, you will find a snapshot of my journey and some highlights of where my work has been featured.

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