What is the goal of Irresistible Media? To inspire you to create an “irresistible” life that you can’t resist.

By definition, irresistible meansToo attractive and tempting to be resisted or too powerful or convincing to be resisted.

An irresistible life means having and doing all the things that you find irresistible in life. It’s about going after what you want, looking how you want, and living life on your own terms.

Living irresistibly doesn’t mean you have to be  rich and famous. It’s a philosophy for every day women like myself. It is my goal to inspire readers through quality content that connects our experiences together.

If it isn’t pretty, doesn’t inspire, or isn’t a learning experience, it’s not a good fit for Irresistible Media. My blogging philosophy is:

  • Curate – Gather and share the best sources across the web.
  • Educate – Create and design resources that will educate readers (and keep them coming back).
  • Narrate – Use personal experiences to share stories that readers can relate to.




Picture1Aimee Beltran (with 2 E’s!) was born and raised in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. She started blogging in 2010 on Irresistible Icing as a way to document how to create an irresistible life by overcoming issues about Binge Eating Disorder, bullying, and body image. She also blogs with her Chihuahua, Chuy at Irresistible Pets, which teaches pet parents how to create an irresistible with their pets.

Aimee has over ten years of experience creating instructional content in the corporate world. Creating her own online brand and business has allowed her to mesh that experience with her passion for helping other people live an irresistible life. In 2015, she was hired as the Director of Community Education for BlogPaws where she is in charge of the Social Learning Center, an online learning community for bloggers and social media influencers.

Aimee has not only built a brand, she has worked with clients and companies  to create online content, run social media marketing campaigns, and more. Check out some of the brands Aimee has partnered with in the past.

Aimee is the first (and only) pet blogger for Coastal Virginia Magazine on Paw Prints. She is a member of the BlogPaws community and attends the annual conference. In 2015, Aimee was selected from thousands of pet bloggers to become a BlogPaws Ambassador. Aimee featured a holiday gift guide for pet parents on Better Homes and Gardens and has also been featured on Good Housekeeping.

Blogging was a natural career path as Aimee spent 10+ years working in the travel/cruise industry creating marketing and sales communications, training, and instructional design.