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How To Add a Contact Me Tab to Facebook Timeline for Pages

I am still not feeling the whole Facebook Timeline thing yet. Are you?

Ok, let me best honest . . . I pretty much hate it! BUT, we have to work with what we are given, so at some point you got to get used to it.

I wanted to add a tab to Contact Me and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure it out with the new timeline. So, I did some research and because I’m an instructional designer/trainer at heart, I love to share what I learn with everyone!

How To Add a Contact Me Tab to Facebook Timeline for Pages

1. Search for the App you are looking for (just like searching for a friend, fan page, etc). In this case, it’s the Contact Me App. Here’s a link for easy reference.

2. Click on “Get Started” and simply follow the steps on the screen to add the Contact form & tab to your Facebook page.

3. Choose the Fan Page from the drop down menu that you want to add the app to.





4. You will get another screen to confirm your choice. Confirm that you want to add the app and click the button.

5. The tab will now appear on your fan page, like this:


6. Click on the Contact tab to set up your Contact Me account and customize your contact form.

You are done! It’s really that simple! Please leave any questions you have in the comments below. Like or Tweet this post if you found it helpful!

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Find Out About New Pins with PinAlerts

What is PinAlerts?

Think of this as Google Alerts but for your Pinterest account. In just seconds you can be notified whenever  someone pins something that is from your website. PinAlerts will send an email alert whenever someone pins something from a site you’re tracking. It’s a great way to get insights into what your readers are interested in.

What Can I Do with PinAlerts?

  • Tell those who pinned you thanks. By knowing who has pinned your web site content you can tell them thank you and let them know when you have new content.
  • Determine the frequency of your alerts. You can set PinAlerts to email you the moment your receive repins, once a day, or once a week.
  • Increase your followers. By receiving pin alerts you can quickly discover those who are interested in your content and invite them to follow your other pin boards.
  • Receive PinAlerts on multiple domains. Add alerts for as many domains as you would like to follow. You can even follow your competition and see how often they are getting repins.

How Do I Sign Up for PinAlerts?

Sign up here for PinAlerts!

PinAlert Resources

Let’s be pinning pals! You can find my pins at MyIcing and IrresistiblePet.


Pinterest Policy Changes

Over the weekend, Pinterest announced a change in their Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy, and Privacy Policy. I’m sure this has everything to do with all the uproar recently about Pinterest Copyright issues. I’m glad they are tweaking things as they go along. With the recent 52% increase in traffic in Jan/Feb alone, Pinterest isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

I thought I’d highlight a few of the important changes to save you some time from reading all that fine print!

1. Rights to Your Content

Prior to the policy changes, Pinterest stated that they had the right to sell any content that you pin. That has since been deleted and it now says that: “You retain all of your rights in all of the User Content you post to our Service.”

2. Reporting Copyright Violations

If you find that someone is “stealing” your work, you can now report that as a copyright violation on Pinterest. Read their Copyright Policy here. One of the biggest “rules” on Pinterest is to give credit where credit is deserved. If you find a pin that doesn’t have the original source, I would not pin it and find the original source and then pin it. With the new terms, if Pinterest were to get sued for copyright infringment because of you, you’ll be the one eating up the legal fees. Sad but true.

Irresistible Tip – I highly recommend that if you are posting any of your original images on the web, please watermark them! As Pinterest continues to dominate the social media world, it’s more important than ever. It only takes a few extra seconds but it’s well worth it!

There’s a great post on the Living Locurto blog about this topic. I love how she puts the terms and conditions under each photo.

Private Pin Boards

Coming soon! You’ll soon be able to decide if you want your boards private or open to the Pinterest community.

So what do you think of these new terms? Yay or Nay?



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Three Irresistible Twitter Apps

I wanted to share with you some Twitter apps that I use on a weekly basis.

Follow Friday

#FollowFriday is a weekly tag on Twitter to shout out your most loyal Twitter followers. I wouldn’t dare try and do this manually, nor do I have the time! You can enter your Twitter name and it will show you the Tweeps you’ve interacted with the most in the past week or so. Then, it creates a Tweet that you can send out. How easy is that?!


Auto FF

This is similiar to the Follow Friday app but is scaled down and little easier to use. BUT, it does the exact same thing!



Want to know who started following AND unfollowed you? This app does just that. There’s nothing more annoying than those “spammers” that follow you and then unfollow two days later. Seriously, find a new strategy and one that shows you are a real person!


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Facebook Timeline for Pages

On March 30th, 2012 all Facebook Pages will be required to switch over to Timeline.  I like that they are giving us a month to learn more and get our pages on point! Start working on your page in “preview” mode, review old posts, edit your about info, add/edit pics, and make sure milestones are set. Think of this as a “rebirth” of Facebook for your company!

To help you with the change over to Timeline, I’ve put together a list of resources to get you started!


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